Tuesday, April 2, 2013

#AprilDays Against #Drones On Twitter


Join us to promote the major convergence happening April 26-28 in Syracuse, NY.

Here are some Twitter addresses for speakers and other participants:
Kevin Zeese (ClearingTheFog Radio) @KBZeese @ClearFOGMedia
Col. Ann Wright @AnnWright46
Nick Mottern (KnowDrones) @KnowDrones
Mark Johnson (FOR) @FORPeace
Debra Sweet (WCW) @dsweetwcw @worldcantwait
Rafia Zakaria (AI) @rafiazakaria
And Twitter addresses for event supporters:
ANSWER Coalition @ANSWERcoalition
Band of Rebels, Rochester @Band_of_Rebels
Bill of Rights Defense Committee @BORDC
Brooklyn for Peace @brooklyn4peace
Christian Peacemaker Team @cptchicago
Commission on Peace and Justice, Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany @PeaceJustice1
Cynthia McKinney @cynthiamckinney
JustForeignPolicy.com @justfp
KnowDrones.com @KnowDrones
Metro Justice of Rochester @MetroJustice
New York City War Resistor’s League @resistwar
Occupy Albany @occupy_albany
Pax Christi USA @PaxChristi
Peace Action New York @PeaceActionNY
Peace Action (National) @PeaceAction
Syracuse Peace Council @syracuse_peace
Voices for Creative NonViolence @info_from_vcnv
WarIsACrime.org @davidcnswanson
Western NY Peace Center @WNYPeaceCenter
World Can't Wait @worldcantwait
Read more about Resisting Drones, Global War and Empire: A Convergence to Action!


As part of the April Days of Action Against Drones, anti-drones activists have been tweeting throughout the month, using the hashtags #aprildays and #nodrones.


Please follow and retweet the accounts of these April Days coordinators:


And all the other state accounts:

California: @SDCPJ
Florida: @NoDronesFL
Illinois: @NoDronesIL
Maryland: @NoDronesMD
Michigan: @NoDronesMI
Minnesota: @WAMMWoman
Missouri: @NoDronesMO
Nevada: @NVDesertExp
New Jersey: @NoDronesNJ
North Carolina: @NoDronesNC
Ohio: @NoDronesOH
Oklahoma: @NoDronesOK
Pennsylvania: @NoDronesPA
Texas: @NoDronesTX
Virginia: @NoDronesVA
Wisconsin: @NoDronesWI


Every TUESDAY there will be an intensive focus on promoting the April actions in cities across the country.

When there's important news, Twitter is a great way to get the word out:

Read about ALL the ways YOU can be involved 

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