Monday, July 14, 2014

Fall 2014 Events in the Movement Against Drone Killing and Surveillance


Air Shows (various locations nationwide)

Experience shows that air shows are good places to protest drone killing and surveillance.

(See also Why Air Shows Are a Very Effective Place to Protest Drone Killing and Drone Surveillance )

See list of fall 2014 air shows 

Campaign Nonviolence Week of Actions - September 21 - 27

Participate in one of the dozens of actions taking place nationwide, many of them organized by groups with a strong history of protesting drones killings and drone surveillance.

One of the pillars of Campaign Nonviolence is "Ending the military drone program."


Global Action Day Against the Use of Drones for Surveillance & Killing -- October 4

Join the first Global Action Day Against the Use of Drones for Surveillance & Killing.

As global citizens who believe in justice and the rule of law, we oppose weaponized and surveillance drones.

If you or your group are planning an action or event for October 4 and would like to post information about it on this website, please email a brief description to Anastasia of CODEPINK at

Keep Space for Peace Week -- October 4-11

The annual Keep Space for Peace week will take place October 4 - 11, 2014, at locations nationally and internationally.

Download poster
download flyer
See the video on Youtube

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October 4, 2014 has been set as the date for nationwide action on the problem of drone killing and surveillance. It seems to me that this is well timed for action vis-a-vis representatives in Congress, most of whom will face a vote on Election Day (Tuesday, November 4, 2014).

(See A Modest Proposal: Turn October 4 Into a "Come Clean On Drones Killing" Deadline! )

Perhaps the single most significant consequence of the advent of killer drones is that they allow the state to efficiently separate war-making from the emotional involvement of the people of the country using them. In other words, with the coming of drone warfare, we have been denied the opportunity for empathy with those affected by our (direct and indirect) actions.

(See Why is "Ending the military drone program" a pillar of Campaign Nonviolence?)

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