Thursday, March 28, 2013

April Days of Action Against Drones - EVERYWHERE!

People are finding that, no matter where they are, there is a way for them to participate in the April Days of Action Against Drones.


People are doing dramatic performances -- for instance, this performance of a play (reader's theater) called The Predator in Chicago. People everywhere can download the script and share it with their communities -- whether or not they are able to join a street protest. The Predator is a great way to educate people about the issues surrounding drones.


Another tremendous way for people to be involved is the Drones Quilt project. Each square of the quilt is made by an ordinary member of the public, who writes their name and then the name of a victim on a square of fabric. The quilt will be finished by the 1st May and, on the 6th, will be taken on a pilgrimage for peace, calling for an end to the use of armed drones.

People everywhere -- no matter where they are -- can take the time to make a square and add it to the quilt.


And then there's @DroneHaiku.

@DroneHaiku is a reminder of all the creative ways that we can use social media like Twitter to built widespread, robust, multi-dimensional protest.

With @DroneHaiku, all you need is 17 syllables and a Twitter account.

No matter where people are, no matter what their gifts are, they can be part of the April Days of Action Against Drones.

What are YOU prepared to do?

Read about ALL the ways YOU can be involved 

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