Wednesday, February 27, 2013

No Drones Groups Nationwide - State by State List

Grassroots "No Drones" campaigns are happening across the country, and soon there will be one in every state. Get active with the people working to stop drone killings and drone surveillance in your area today!



Website: No Drones Alaska


Website: No Drones Arizona



Website: No Drones California


Website: No Drones Colorado


Website: No Drones New England



Website: No Drones Florida
Twitter: @NoDronesFL
Contact: nodronesflorida [at]


Website: No Drones Georgia


Website: No Drones Hawaii


Website: No Drones Idaho


Website: No Drones Illinois
Twitter: @NoDronesIL
Contact: jtscarry [at]


Website: Indiana Drones Project


Website: No Drones Iowa


Website: No Drones Great Plains


Website: No Drones Kentucky


Website: No Drones Louisiana


Website: No Drones New England


Website: No Drones Maryland


Website: No Drones New England


Website: No Drones Michigan
Twitter: @NoDronesMI
Contact: nodronesmichigan [at]


Website: WAMM Ground All Drones
Contact: wamm [at]



Website: No Drones Missouri
Twitter: @NoDronesMO
Contact: redwoodseverns [at]


Website: No Drones Great Plains


Website: No Drones Great Plains


Website: Nevada Desert Experience
Twitter: @NVDesertExp

New Hampshire

Website: No Drones New England
New Jersey

Website: No Drones New Jersey
Twitter: @NoDronesNJ
Contact: nodronesnewjersey [at]

New Mexico

Website: No Drones New Mexico

New York

Website: No Drones New York State

North Carolina

Website: No Drones North Carolina
Twitter: @NoDronesNC
Contact: nodronesnorthcarolina [at]

North Dakota

Website: No Drones Great Plains


Website: No Drones Ohio
Twitter: @NoDronesOH
Contact: steve [at]


Website: No Drones Oklahoma
Twitter: @NoDronesOK
Contact: nodrones [at]


Website: No Drones Oregon


Website: No Drones Pennyslvania
Twitter: @NoDronesPA
Contact: nodronespennsylvania [at]

Rhode Island

Website: No Drones New England

South Carolina

Website: No Drones South Carolina

South Dakota

Website: No Drones Great Plains


Website: No Drones Tennessee


Website: No Drones Texas
Twitter: @NoDronesTX
Contact: Aisha Van Dyke - pinkdaisy711 [at]


Website: No Drones Utah


Website: No Drones New England


Website: No Drones Virginia


Website: No Drones Washington State
Twitter: @NoDronesWA
Contact: kn0w.drones.wa [at]

Washington, D.C.

West Virginia


Website: No Drones Wisconsin
Twitter: @NoDronesWI
Contact: in Madison: David Soumis - davidso1 [at]


Website: No Drones Great Plains

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Call for "No Drones" at U.S. Colleges, Universities, and Research Institutions


A national call has been made for “April Days of Action” to focus on three key components of U.S. drone work: Drone Manufacturers, Drone Bases in the U.S., and Drone Research. (See the list about nationwide actions and post your own planned actions for April.)

Given the fact that drones are now the primary weapons of warfare used by the US, and for surveillance both domestic and abroad, the research and development of this warfare is growing rapidly at academic institutions, in our towns and neighborhoods. Drones are the perfect instrument for endless war that kills civilians, even as they target “militants” in Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, and Afghanistan.

Academic institutions often receive large grants from the U.S. Department of Defense, enabling them to build labs within schools of engineering, for instance. We are well aware that without this research in robotics, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), and the accompanying accessories, these drone warfare projects would probably not take place. So there is an interdependent relationship between the universities and the U.S. government and or its Department of Defense and CIA. (CIA drones are used in countries with which the U.S. is not “at war”, ie Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan, Mali, and others.)

While universities tend to publicize some information on their respective websites regarding the drone work, it is most often said to be for non-military purposes. And there are students working in the labs who are convinced that all the research is for humanitarian purposes. However, history has told us that non-military can quickly and easily become military. Moreover research has shown drones make mistakes on recognizing their targets.

We are therefore asking organizations and individuals, nationwide, to explore any drone research that might be going on at their local university. We are calling for local actions between April 16 and 18, 2013 (Suggested actions are listed below) Our limited research into University and Academic UAV programs indicates that a research centers are operating in the locations listed below.

Before those dates in April we will need to know what information you have acquired about the research and what actions and events your group is planning.This will be shared among groups in the Network. You can send this information to us at

We will have a press committee that will receive your press release and any articles you are able to publish before or after the event.

This project will complement other outreach, education and action projects that will be launched in April, focusing on drone bases, April 27-28 and drone manufacturers , April 4-6.

Suggested actions:
  1. Learn what research is being done by searching on a university website. Look especially at the Engineering Dept.
  2. Organize a forum, preferably on campus, with speakers and discussion. Be sure to publicize in campus newspapers, and possibly include a professor as one of the speakers. Also include local activists.
  3. Plan a small meeting with the appropriate persons in the department working on drone research, both professors and students.
  4. Hold vigils and leaflet on or close to the campus, as well as in town.
  5. Let us know if you need further tools for your research.
Thanks in advance for your reply to

With all good wishes,

Marge Van Cleef, WILPF, Philadelphia
Leila Zand, For USA
Kathy Kelly, co-coordinator, Voices for Creative Nonviolence

APPENDIX: U.S. Drone Research Sites


Arizona State University - Tempe
PIMA Community College - Tucson
University of Arizona - Tucson


California Polytechnic - San Luis Obispo
Girvan Institute of Technology - Santa Clara
Stanford University - Palo Alto
University of California - Berkeley
University of Southern California - Los Angeles


Mesa State College - Grand Junction
United States Air Force Academy


Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Daytona Beach
University of Florida - Gainsville
University of Central Florida - Orlando


Georgia Tech - Atlanta
Southern Polytechnic State University - Marietta


University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign


Ross Hulman Institute of Technology - Terre Haute
University of Notre Dame - South Bend


Iowa State University - Ames


University of Kansas - Lawrence


University of Kentucky - Lexington


John Hopkins University - Drone Swarming - Baltimore
University of Maryland - College Park


Harvard - Cambridge
MIT - Cambridge


Mississippi State University - Mississippi State University


Parks College (university of St. Louis) - St Louis


New Mexico State University - Las Cruces


Clarkson University - Potsdam
Cornell University - Ithaca
Rochester Institute of Technology - Rochester


North Carolina State University - Raleigh


University of North Dakota- Grand Forks


Ohio State University - Columbus
University of Dayton - Dayton
Wright State University - Dayton


Carnegie Mellon Institute of Robotics - Pittsburgh
Drexel University - Philadelphia
Lehigh University - Bethlehem
University of Pennsylvania – GRASP Lab, Philadelphia


South Dakota School of Mines - Rapid City


Letourneau University - Longview
Texas A&M University - College Station
University of Texas - Austin


Brigham Young University - Provo


Virginia Commonwealth University - Richmond
Virginia Tech - Blacksburg

(List updated: February 26, 2013)

"Targeted Killing" - The Heart of the U.S.-Israel Relationship

"Targeting killing" - statecraft from the dark side

A fascinating illustration of the U.S.-Israel "good cop, bad cop" routine was on display at the University of Chicago last night (February 25, 2013).

Amos Guiora, an Israeli "counter-terrorism expert," held forth on the difference between "good" targeted killing -- i.e. the kind Israeli practices (!) -- and "bad" targeted killing -- namely, the kind the Obama administration carries out.

Ostensibly, the talk was about the fact that the Obama administration is taking too many liberties with its "secret kill lists." Much mention was made of the secret legal memo justifying the Obama killings. (You can download the secret memo here.) On its surface, the talk was disguised to be "critical" of what the U.S. is doing.

But what this talk was really about was conditioning the public to accept the idea that "targeted killing" is a legitimate activity of a government. Make no mistake, Guiora is the very model of a modern major military-intellocrat. After listening to him intone the words "targeted killing" in the midst of all his "point one, point two, point threes" and "I humbly submits" and "to wit, the followings" ... it was possible for one's mind to become numb, and to almost begin to think that "targeted killing" is a notion that we have to accept.

Almost. But not quite.

The most important thing for any of us to remember is that WE choose the frame of the debate - and we DON'T have to passively accept whatever we're offered. And certainly not from an apologist for state terror like Amos Guiora.

"Targeted killing" is not the business of a legitimate state. Full stop. (To coin an Amos Guioraism.)

PS - In the course of eliminating the drone menace, a MAJOR task will be understanding the way in which the United States and Israel have conducted an intimate two-step to (1) justify their own state terror against civilians, and then after provoking resistance by those civilians, (2) used that resistance to trump up the idea of "The Terrorist Threat," against which a global permanent war must be waged, complete with abject state of permanent fear on the part of all of us, and abdication of all the checks on government power that might possibly stop the killing.

Watch the Amos Guiora talk at Judge for yourself. And then get involved in changing the terms of the debate.


For immediate release

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Israeli Drone War Expert to Illustrate Ties between Gaza Atrocities, Obama Administration Killings, say Activists

Monday, February 25th, 6:00 pm, 1414 E. 59th Street

For more information:

Kait McIntyre, Anti-War Committee, 815-988-8631
Joe Iosbaker, Anti-War Committee, 773-301-0109
Hatem Abudayyeh, United States Palestinian Community Network, 773-301-4108

Area antiwar activists say a Chicago lecture on Monday by an Israeli legal theorist who has helped provide the justifications for "targeted killing" programs like the one pursued by the Obama Administration, illustrates a clear tie between Israeli atrocities in Gaza and the U.S. drone killing program.

Entitled “Legitimate Target: A Criteria Based Approach to Targeted Killing,” the talk by Amos Guiora at the University of Chicago is expected to lay out a formula developed and used countless times by the Israeli government before ultimately being adopted by the Bush and Obama administrations.

“When Guiora was Israel's Legal Advisor for the Gaza Strip, he said Palestinians killed and injured are ‘legitimate targets,’” said Hatem Abudayyeh of the United States Palestinian Community Network. “Guiora’s use of words like “collateral damage" and "legitimate targets" has now been adopted by the U.S. to cover the thousands massacred by extrajudicial U.S. drone strikes in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Yemen.”

As the calls for the release of the secret legal memo justifying the Obama Administration's targeted drone killing program increase nationwide, Chicago-area activists say the legal essentials of the Administration policy are being laid clear for all to see in the lecture by the Israeli expert.

“As another Israeli legal advisor, Daniel Reisner, has said, ‘International law progresses through violations,” said Kait McIntyre, protest organizer with the Anti-War Committee of Chicago. “According to Reisner, ‘[Israel] invented the targeted assassination thesis and [Israel] had to push it. Eight years later it is in the center of the bounds of legitimacy.’

The Anti-War Committee of Chicago and the United States Palestinian Community Network, together with a coalition of anti-war and solidarity groups, will hold a protest at the University of Chicago’s International House against Amos Guiora's talk, beginning with at 6:00 press conference in front of 1414 E. 59th Street.