Wednesday, April 3, 2013

April Days of Action Against Drones: HIGHLIGHTS!

The April Days of Action Against Drones have been imaginative, colorful, powerful, and inspiring!

We're encouraging people to look through the images below, and click through to learn more about the ones that you want to know more about. We hope you'll look at them all! And we'll be keeping an eye on which pages get the most views, so please share your favorites widely!

And when you're done: get in touch with your local "no drones" group and get involved!

SAN DIEGO: Not your grandmother's antiwar movement!
CHICAGO: April 6 Street theater protests Boeing's newest killer drone.
BOSTON: April 6 "Drone Death Walk"
NEW HAMPSHIRE: April 5 Protest at Elbit Systems
SACRAMENTO: Tapestry depicting children killed by U.S. drone strikes.
SEATTLE: home to Boeing and hotbed of drone development and production.
AUSTIN: UT rally against drones.
WHITEMAN AFB, MISSOURI: Strong VFP presence at protest.
FT. WAYNE: Union counter-protesters came out
against anti-drone protest at BAE Systems!
FT. BRAGG, NC: Protest organized by Quaker House.
MCLEAN VA: Protesters at CIA Headquarters.
WASHINGTON DC: Protest at the White House.
TALLAHASSEE: Broad coalition against drones at FSU.
GAINESVILLE: In "Pin the Drones," UF students in the
Plaza of the Americas were challenged to find a country
that the U.S. had not invaded bombed, or occupied within
the last 10 years. This proved a difficult task.

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